South Shore Shamrock Fest - CANCELLED


I’m disappointed to announce that the South Shore Shamrock Festival set for September 7th has been cancelled.

Although I wasn’t given details on the cancellation, we’re all pretty bummed but incredibly thankful for the opportunity. Even being offered the chance to open up for The Dropkick Murphy’s was a humbling experience and we hope to keep in touch and get another gig with them soon!

In the meantime, please give the bands Troll 2 and Cactus Attack a listen. Zoe Rose de Paz was going to be my fiddle player for the event, and her solo music as well as her band Troll 2 is gritty folk punk goodness. She’s incredibly talented and I hope I can steal her away again someday soon.

Cactus Attack have been buds for a while, and I may have a pretty obvious bias, but they’re one of the best bands in New England. Give them a listen. Ryan Jackson was going to be on drums for this show, as well as Taylor Brennan on Upright bass. The fact that they are the type of musicians that can pick up any instrument and run with it speaks to their obvious talent.

I appreciate all the support and like I said, I’m hoping to hop on some festivals for 2020! Special thanks to Ken Casey for getting me on board and believing in my talents. We’ll see you guys soon!

Meaghan Casey