Upcoming Fall Shows...

I’m excited to be debuting with my new band “Fist City” this fall as well as performing solo at a few new locations. Please stay tuned for more updates on Fist City…for now we’re on Facebook at Facebook.com/FistCityTheBand and instagram at _fistcity.

As far as solo gigs, I’m thrilled to be a feature for the South Shore Folk Club on Saturday, September 21st. I believe this is an open mic, so I will be doing a half hour set halfway through the evening. For more details, please give the South Shore Folk Club website at https://www.southshorefolkmusicclub.org

I’m also thrilled to be over at Levitate’s new spot, the “Backyard” connected to their restaurant Rexicana on Monday September 30th! I have been so thrilled to see the success Levitate has had over the years, from seeing the original skatepark come to fruition, the huge success of their festival, and now expanding into a restaurant that supplies live music all week. I’ll be playing tunes from 5-830 and would love to see some familiar faces!

Visit the Shows tab to keep up to date on all other events and I’ll see you out there. Be good x

Meaghan Casey